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Product & Company Branding, Surveys, Strategic Positioning
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Direct Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, SEO, Articles
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Brochures, New Media & Video, Sales Presentations, Content Marketing

EJW is a full service digital marketing & advertising services agency. Winning B to B buyers & decision makers for our clients requires more advertising/marketing ability & agility than ever before. As you may already know, with so many channels of communication it’s imperative to separate the fad-ish from the functional. We apply proven B to B marketing principles to state-of-the-art messaging to help clients gain awareness, sales and market share. And we accomplish client marketing goals with remarkable cost-effectiveness.

How might our marketing & advertising services agency help you?

Merrily creating a website without a marketing reality-check

Emil Walcek
October 19, 2016

Merrily creating website goals without a marketing reality-check puts the proverbial cart before the horse and risks loosing visitor conversions. Website development should adhere to an overall marketing strategy for reaching a company’s target audiences. This can be best accomplished […]

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SEO for B to B is another story

Emil Walcek
August 17, 2016

Like the difference between fast food and gourmet restaurants, SEO for businesses selling to other businesses (B to B) is more than adding value with a mindless up-sell that plays from the same analogy “Do you want fries with that?”.  […]

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Stories. Connect. People.

Emil Walcek
August 12, 2016

What’s your story? What makes your story stand out? Your story is our story. Behind every good marketing story there’s… Standout marketing campaigns Hit 🙂 or miss ;(  marketing Striking, standout, arresting USPs Conspicuous, blatant, shameless Digital persuasion Stick. It. […]

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Zombies encounter sweetness & light in the garden of marketing roses, Part I.

Emil Walcek
August 7, 2015

Marketing happens with or without proper attention. Markets respond to well targeted offers made by well-positioned sellers who properly and consistently present their value proposition in well planned media and sales campaigns. That mouthful means It’s up to you to […]

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Sales is king, but even a king requires support

All business starts with a sale. Over time, and to compete effectively, winning a sale takes more than a handshake. Marketing delivers the support a sales team needs. Integrated Marketing has the advantage of program scale to deliver a greater […]

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