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We’ve proven over & over again that we succeed when we simply and cost-effectively multiply a client’s success with each marketing project.

We score big-time when our value-add brings loyal customers to our clients. Many of our advertising & PR clients have referred us for decades. We invite you to explore the potential value EJW can bring to your marketing communications.

Marketing Services Quotes

Exactly what we needed: a brainstorming (OLI consulting) session lead by experts resulting in solid recommendations and actionable items to get our marketing in order.”

-Mechanical Systems Monitoring Instruments Manufacturer

Doors open that were closed before: “The new corporate capabilities brochure is working beyond expectations. We’re getting into new accounts we’ve never been able to crack before with frank acknowledgement to the confidence we’re now instilling in their decision-makers.”

-Chemical Process Manufacturer

 Timeless brochure and ad design, painlessly developed: “I want to tell you again how impressed we all are by the quality of the marketing, advertising & sales support work you’ve done, and by how quickly you responded. It’s the way we respond to our customers and a very important component of how we evaluate our vendors.”

-Contractor Equipment Manufacturer

 Off the charts Advertising ROI: The right advertising campaign strategy increases leads and substantially adds to our client’s branding. A 10X increase in sales leads result starts from a simple product positioning decision. Our agency client’s reputation continues to grow, as does their market share over subsequent years of EJW-developed advertising, sales collateral and PR campaigns.

-OEM Pump Manufacturer

 Who says B to B Advertising can’t sell? “I have to tell you about the response to our ad! A good example is a customer who came into our show booth waving our ad in hand, proclaiming that he had a PO ready for a slew of competitive units until he stopped and read our ad! He freely credited the ad to winning him over to our units.”

– PPE Detector Manufacturer

 Brand acceptance in record time: Successful new company and new product launch. “Our national sales manager, previously with a major competitor, remarked that our company’s recognition after one year of EJW marketing in the field is higher than that achieved by his old firm’s marketing department in four years.” This, from a startup fighting to gain a foothold in a highly competitive market dominated by a handful of entrenched giants won significant market share in an incredibly short time with thoughtful, balanced marketing supporting strong product innovation.

-Respiratory Protection Equipment Manufacturer

 Remarkable ideas – FAST: “Your integrated website, advertising and show graphics concepts simply blew me away! The visuals are exactly what I had in mind, the copy is perfect. To do this kind of work in the limited time… I’ve just never had this kind of service!”

-Computer storage manufacturer

 Accountable PR done right: Almost all our clients benefit from industrial public relations because there is seldom a more cost-effective, awareness builder and lead generator. “…looks like our last PR really reached out to our audience.  Great job, gentlemen!”

– Mechanical Systems Energy Control Manufacturer

 Helping us help you makes two winners: “thank you so much for being so patient with us – and taking so much time to explain how coordinated marketing, advertising, PR, website development campaigns work.”

-Gas detector manufacturer

Thank you for our first project together: “The cinema ad is terrific! The wording is short and to the point and the background coloring is clean. Thanks so much for your quick response. Instead of dreading the next project I’m looking forward to it because you made the first one SO EASY.”

-Medical Practice

 The right branding achieves memorable new company positioning: “You have achieved MANTRA with your logo and advertising designs for us… it is what we are about. Thank you for the positioning. We will use it in everything!”

-Safety equipment manufacturer

 End Marketing Services Quotes
Timely, effective design and production: “Less than one week after agreement on the basic website design template, you have a working living breathing straw man product ready for editing. It looks great and is already light years better than the current site.”

-Logistics industry manufacturer

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