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When is marketing communications rocket science?EJW Creative Imaging
Atlanta Marketing Team Lands New Space Research Clients.

Space researchers enlist Georgia-based AVG Communications and EJW Associates, Inc. marketing team to gain global attention for far out ideas. For aerospace technology researchers, boosting awareness is a critical first step in building professional collaboration and technology application acceptance. Securing funds for the world’s first photon laser thruster prototype, and development of alternative spacecraft propulsion that uses the earth’s magnetic field are ultimate goals for two new clients: Bae Institute, and Cornell University’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. The AVG/EJW marketing team, working with principal researchers at each organization, has already implemented a basic marketing program for each. Both plans call for the launch of public relations campaigns supported by illustrative web sites. So far, marketing results indicate all systems go, with news being picked up by over 50 news outlets worldwide, and a quantum leap in site traffic and inquiries. Doors to major private and government funding sources have been opened, with funding pitches favorably received.

A long time space research advocate, Bob Scaringe of AVG has logged countless hours marketing the benefits of space exploration and the technology’s halo effect on consumer and commercial developments. He is an active volunteer in the Atlanta-based NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC), whose mission is to encourage “thinking decades into the future in pursuit of concepts that will ‘leapfrog’ the evolution of current aerospace systems.” Emil Walcek, president of EJW Associates has been crafting technology content and producing creative B to B marketing communications for over two decades. Backgrounds:

Dr. Bae of the California-based Bae Institute is inventor of, and has recently demonstrated, the world’s first laser beam thrust engine. His photon laser thruster will initially be developed to control spacecraft formations, and enable a thousand-fold improvement in space and earth-directed observations.

At Cornell University, Dr. Mason Peck is in a similar stage of research and development for demonstrating the application of planetary magnetic fields to revolutionize space mission travel.

AVG Communications is a business-to-business marketing consulting firm in Marietta, GA. EJW Associates, Inc is a business-to-business interactive marketing communications agency in Alpharetta, GA. Both marketing services companies are founding members of the OLI (Outside Looking In) Marketing Consulting Group.

For more information contact:

Emil Walcek, President
EJW Associates, Inc.
Crabapple Village Office Park
1602 Abbey Ct
Alpharetta, GA 30004
email: advertise@ejwassoc.com

Bluefields Capital Banks On Content Managed Web Site To Grow Real Estate Investor Loan BusinessBFC-Advertising Image

Challenge: Atlanta-based Bluefields Capital, a provider of short term hard money loans to residential real estate investors in the Southeast, required a more complete online resource for home rehabbers, loan partners, and a growing customer service staff in order to meet more aggressive business expansion goals. They enlisted EJW Associates, Inc. to take the www.BluefieldsCapital.com site from a serviceable brochureware site into a fully interactive one. Project specifications called for site visitor interaction that includes automation of the complete loan package process. Bluefields staff required secure, browser-based administrative control of all transaction content to oversee borrower, property, property repair information. The same automation and control was needed for a loan referral partner program to set up and track partner records, links, and commissions. Integration with Salesforce.com was required to ensure seamless customer relationship management (CRM).

“It became apparent that in order to grow Bluefields Capital into a major Southeastern player in the home investor market we needed to centralize and automate our loan origination processes and business apps into by a common, database-driven website that automates routine processes for customers, partners, and staff. We now have an integrated system that is simple, secure, and enables our staff to manage all aspects of the funding process from hard money loan application to project management for a high volume of short-term property rehabilitation loan deals,” said Dana Webster, Bluefields Capital CEO.

Through their new site, Bluefields has automated all of the routines required in the course of a residential investment property deal. Customers have direct, on-line resource control throughout a home rehab project that typically lasts 90 days or less. Investors may complete loan applications and draw requests, maintain profiles for investment properties, appraisals, and renovation contractor resource information directly through the site. Loan referral partners can register, set up reciprocal links, and view their referral account status online.

“Real estate investment transactions require a number of due diligence documents that need to be offered to the borrower, his or her associates, or our own partners in an easily executable manner,” Webster said. “The new site provides a direct, on-line interface for procuring and managing funding for each deal. That’s vital in our quick-turn, residential real estate rehab market.”

Solution: Bluefields Capital turned to EJW Associates, Inc., an Atlanta-based interactive marketing and technology firm, to revamp the site EJW originally created for Bluefields Capital. The redesign included a full needs assessment, design and implementation phases, and turn-key services for Bluefields Capital spanning online strategy, creative design, admin systems, custom development, and hosting. Content management capabilities are provided through EJW scripting based on an open server LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python) standard. Bluefields began processing a stepped up volume of loans throughout the Southeast within days of its debut this year. “We’re excited that everything’s working so well,” according to Bluefields President Mark Webster. “Our site has become a real engine for our growth while substantially reducing overhead. Each department is receiving the information they need to keep on top of an exponentially increasing base of our investor clients looking for short term hard money and superior service.”

About EJW Associates, Inc.
EJW Associates is a marketing communications and consulting firm headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. In addition to traditional creative marketing services geared to small-to-medium business units within b to b client organizations, EJW is unique in providing packaged and custom web-based integration solutions with site hosting, web-based software development, advanced infrastructure design, and web site analytics. Please visit the company’s web site at https://www.ejwassoc.com.

For more information contact
Emil Walcek, President
EJW Associates, Inc.
Crabapple Village Office Park
1602 Abbey Ct
Alpharetta, GA 30004
Tel: 770-664-9322
email: advertise@ejwassoc.com


Marketing Consulting Offer From a Unique Groupoli-EJW-consulting

A complimentary, introductory half-day consulting is being offered by three business-to-business marketing professionals with credentials in Strategic, Tactical, and Creative Marketing expertise. This unusual networking offer comes with a solid marketing deliverable. The Outside Looking In (OLI) marketing consulting group will spend up to half a day with key players on a company’s marketing team that ends with a professional assessment that includes recommended action items with the highest probability of ROI. In exchange for up to nine (9) man hours of professional time, the group requests: flexibility in scheduling an afternoon in the greater Atlanta area, that the session include key company marketing and sales decision makers, and that the host company pick up their meal tab afterwards.

The OLI offer lowers the barrier for senior executives who would normally not budget the time or cost of outside professional marketing consulting help. “It is our aim that decision-makers exposed to a brief but intense encounter with our group walk away with significant Strategic, Tactical and Creative areas of a marketing blueprint in place, and a contact for future plan implementation assistance,” according to group member Bob Scaringe.

Outside Looking In consulting grew out of a successful seminar series Outside Looking In: A Marketing Event, recently presented to TAG Technical Marketing Association, AeA, and GA State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business audiences in 2004 and 2005.

Companies interested in being considered for the complimentary OLI consulting offer may call 770-664-9322, or email advertise@ejwassoc.com, or any of the individual consulting group members below:

Bob Scaringe, providing the Tactical leg of the team and president of AVG Communications, a marketing consulting services firm with a history of helping companies select and use the best marketing tools for accessing a company’s most valuable prospects, then making marketing dollars work harder and smarter. Contact: raz1215@msn.com, 770-594-3369

Emil Walcek, providing the Creative perspective and president of EJW Associates, Inc., a full service business-to-business marketing communications agency providing both traditional and interactive media services. Working on a project basis, EJW helps clients gain a competitive advantage with creative branding and lead-generating programs. Contact: emilw@ejwassoc.com, 770-664-9322

Bruce Cotterman, providing the Strategic value proposition and managing director of The BAS Group, a strategic marketing services company specializing in helping clients achieve extraordinary growth and profitability through: strategic positioning, market segmentation, customer selection, product differentiation. Contact: bcotterman@thebasgroup.com, 404-580-2918, www.thebasgroup.com


Integrated SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Services offered by b to b agency EJW Associates, Inc.

EJW Associates, Inc. announces availability of an integrated suite of SEM (search marketing) services to help industrial and technology marketers to create sales leads while boosting profit. EJW Search Marketing services include web site optimizing for improved ranking by major search engines, web site analytics, and per click (key word) and banner advertising campaign management. Central to the program is a client marketing analysis review to establish realistic Internet advertising and natural search ranking goals coupled with website optimizing (SEO – search engine optimizing).

More specifically, EJW SEM services designed to work together to boost client online promotions success are comprised of three essential components:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes a 100 point checklist and research to narrowly target a client’s most qualified sales prospects, and drive website traffic. The EJW SEO process includes optimizing layout and page code that will not only accelerate natural search engine visibility, but provide easy-to-digest graphical reports on site visitor traffic. Trickery is out, common sense is in when executing natural or organic search engine ranking strategies. EJW will also identify and execute opportunities that increase site rankings, such as enhancements to site popularity with link, RSS feed, blog, articles and press release content.

Per Click and Banner Advertising Management includes set up and management of per click ad campaigns. refining keywords while setting budget goals for a single ad or an ad series, in addition to balancing paid and natural search efforts. EJW provides a special focus on vertical search portals for business to business ad campaigns that include standard, impressions-based banner and new media advertising. All EJW SEM programs include the coding essential for meaningful analysis and review.

Web Analytics form the basis for ensuring program accountability. By optimizing all ads to included special coding, the agency can provide indepth measurement and reporting metrics. Analysis of ad program results extends to web site traffic patterns for ongoing site optimizing.

EJW Associates Background:
EJW Associates, Inc. is a full service marketing communications agency based in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Georgia area since 1982. We help business marketers create sales to other businesses (B2B), or direct to consumers (B2C). EJW clients come to us for professional Internet, SEM, PR and creative advertising productions that speed their sales cycles: advertising campaigns, websites, eCommerce solutions, cloud-based hosting, brochures, Corporate ID & logos, direct mail, email promotions, press releases, articles.

Case Study: Sensidyne Challenge = Big Win for Client and EJW

Challenge: Sensidyne is a U.S. manufacturer of gas detection and air monitoring systems for airborne particulates, vapors, fixed gas detection and detector tubes used around the world to keep workers and plants safe. The problem surrounding a new product launch: their market was lack of awareness. Potential customers were largely ignorant of Sensidyne’s technology leadership, much of it copied by competitors.

Solution: Making up for lost marketing communications time, Sensidyne contracted Alpharetta, GA based EJW Associates, a B2B marcom agency to create a complete an integrated marketing program centered around the launch of their new fixed gas detection product, SensAlert Plus. EJW created a new look for their brand that included a sales brochure, direct mail campaign, print and Interactive industry specific advertising, in addition to product launch sales materials.

Results in sales: The campaign had its desired effect with 12 months of launch when sales reported a marked increase in qualified leads and brand recognition.