Another_Story-SEO_contentLike the differences between fast food and gourmet restaurants, businesses selling to other businesses (B to B) require a different SEO strategy. You need more thoughtful content beyond “Do you want fries with that?”.  Content is key. B to B SEO must be pertinent, expert and on-going. Content editing, creation and link-building for the business buyer requires a thorough understanding of often technical information at the core of technical/industrial company offerings – which is why so many B to B marketers either a) forgo essential search engine optimizing altogether, b) try to do it themselves with mixed results.

Forgoing a concerted SEO effort is risky, even for highly specialized marketers. You leave money on the table, especially if competitors are nipping at your heels.

Most B to B marketers then have two choices. DIY do it yourself SEO can work if you have a skilled communicator, writer, image editor, website editor, social (& other media) maven dedicated to the task. Larger B to B companies can justify a dedicated house-SEO function or department. Smaller companies are hard-pressed to justify even a part time SEO position. And tacking SEO duty onto other staff functions is asking for tepid results. Better to hire a pro with proven writing, editing and SEO planning experience.

How to outsource B to B SEO

Specialized B to B Marketing Services firms are out there! We may be outnumbered 100 to 1, but we are available and affordable. We are builders & champions of an industrial or technical client’s value proposition, producing brand-building content everywhere it matters. We have experience asking the “dumb” questions that enable us to craft written and visual content, while augmenting a client’s capabilities. But, like any relationship, an SEO client must be prepared to:

  • Assess a fit – Can we work together?
  • Share marketing goals, strategy
  • Core dump – impart vital product/service information
  • Develop an SEO blueprint
  • Be available for questions, reviews, media opportunities

Content is king, and so is target market distribution. We create, search optimize and place: posts, press releases, articles, white papers, videos, broadcast spots. These can be re-purposed for whatever media channels your customers favor: social media, websites & website blogs, tweets and other sharing forums. We can help customize a Content Marketing strategy that best works for you.