Your logo is your mark.

A Corporate Identity, your logo is nothing less than your public face.

A logo is the most visible element of your brand. Reinforced everywhere, a successful image opens new doors. We’ve seen it happen time & time again. Talk to us about the benefits of remarkable logo design. This is what happens when we develop branding ideas that are crafted to strengthen a client’s market position among its many publics. The basis of our corporate identity & logo design services is an intelligent design process. It starts in much the same way as  all of our creative projects: with team members from both sides of the table forming a situation analysis followed by carefully directed reviews at every step in the design process. Team members scrutinize a variety of EJW creative ideas, choices and rationales from which to arrive at a successful corporate identity, logo design, usage guidelines and template development.

Related logo design services may include Logo Variations for All Media & Usage Guidelines, brainstorming new names, brand positioning tag lines. Satisfaction is guaranteed. For corporate ID success, contact us at 770-664-9322.

What signal does your brand convey

Branding without market intelligence is a recipe for confusion.

NOTE: A brand as an identifying mark needs and deserves TLC. Be aware that Branding requires verified, current marketing intelligence to be truly effective. A company succeeds when marketing takes the lead. See our post for Brand Review as an opening for marketing intelligence:  Use marketing intelligence to spotlight brand

Highly recommended: It’s Time to Re-brand. Or Maybe Not. A concise guide to brand and brand decision making by R. Sametz published in Target Marketing, Jan/Feb 2016.