Advertising – knock! knock!

B to B Advertising, Marketing

Who’s there? Door-opening Advertising! EJW B to B Ad campaigns have our clients knocking on all the right purchasing doors with the right value proposition.

To profitably win sales we expertly guide B to B Advertisers on never-enough Marcom budgets. Our history is rich with successful advertising campaigns that have influenced client decision makers up & down the buying chain. The benefits to our clients more often than naught includes increased market share & more profitable sales.

How? Advertising must provide a frame for the right value proposition to the right audience at the right time. Decision-makers change jobs, move on, retire. Staff & others working in sales channels cannot be everywhere all the time. Successful advertising generates timely interest in the form of sales leads. Regardless of what you are doing now, or your past advertising experience, you owe it to your marketing team to call in EJW Associates to discover how

“$1,000 of effective advertising can sell more than $10,000 of ineffective advertising”

-David Ogilvy, advertising legend

COME IN! Tell me more!

Our creative concepts often challenge client perceptions about where & how to advertise. Yet, we’ve seen it repeated time after time: Clients winning sales from Advertising that presents the right value proposition in the right way to the right audiences. Bottom line, EJW Associates ad programs bring increased lifetime value from your customer base.

Funny how marketing works. Right?

Return to Lead Generation & B to B Marketing Choices. Today’s favored B to B Advertising media is different than yesterday’s, and will change tomorrow… as will customer contacts and sales channels. However, Tenets for a successful ad – or any marketing communication, remain the same… as will sales leads from effective advertising. Contact EJW Associates at 770-664-9322 for a no-obligation review of how our brand of advertising & lead generation might work for your organization.