Direct Marketing – 1 on 1 Sales

Direct Marketing for BtoB

Your best prospect has just opened her door to you. How will you gain attention… trust? How will you hold on to it? After these barriers, how will you convert this sales opportunity into something more?

No other lead generating tool is more accountable than direct marketing. ePromos, print-based direct mailing campaigns, special deliveries to highly qualified prospects may all be cost-justified.

It is, after all, all about the potential lifetime value of each customer.

Just because it’s digital doesn’t mean its any easier to get right. Trust your print & digital B2B Direct Marketing to EJW Associates, regardless of goals for return on investment in real time, or drip communications for converting over time. Your brand is in good hands, from creative concepts to content writing, imaging, distribution & campaign analytics.

We’ll help you:

  • Stand up & stand apart
  • Make the right offer
  • Produce an conversion-making landing page
  • Test, test, test – Analyze campaign results

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