Marketing Consulting

CONSULTING for improved Product & Company Branding,
Positioning, Customer Service


Marketing Consulting. Who needs an outside review? YOU DO. Get professional marketing advice before charging into a new website, advertising, or PR campaign. We promise: You will find real value in a quick, independent marketing audit. Reduce marketing risk, confirm probabilities for success, avert disasters.

Avoid unintended consequences of mis-spent marketing resources, including lost sales and falling market share.

Take advantage of Outside Looking In (OLI) Consulting for fresh insights from an experienced team of marketing professionals.

Integrated Marketing – Is it for you?

Stack the odds in your favor. Avoid the “READY! FIRE! AIM!” syndrome where – with all the best intentions – a marketing effort is hatched without proper vetting. Instead, receive an independent appraisal of your short and long term term marketing goals, ad campaigns, product development. Working with OLI & EJW Associates to learn how best to exploit competitive advantages, gain market share, generate new sales & profits with fresh insights from a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Review. Outside Looking In (OLI) is an independent consulting team that can evaluate and recommend your best choices for these essential marketing ingredients for campaign success:

Strategic Marketing

  • Defining a strategic customer
  • Evaluating strategic options for company & markets
  • Developing a strategic customer account plan
  • Marketing for CRM success
  • Gaining management buy-in to the marketing plan
  • Identifying what may be missing from a marketing plan
  • The 70/20/10 customer rule for profitability
  • Defining new media options based on potential ROI
  • Our Google Analytics Services can bring remarkable efficiency to your marketing budget spend

Tactical Marketing

  • Infrastructure for profitable lead generation
  • Metrics for monitoring return on marketing investment
  • Trimming the marketing fat, focusing on goals, avoiding disaster
  • Planning for Website, Social, Blogging, Conversions, Long Tail Keyword campaigns, Mobile, New Media
  • Extending marketing to indirect channels
  • Lead qualification & conversion programs
  • Building metrics into the marketing plan

Creative Execution

  • Develop or adjust website, advertising, PR, brochures and other outbound communications to proven Tenets of Effective Business Communication standards.
  • Optimizing Search (SEO, SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Media channels for targeted customer dialog
  • Examine in-house vs. outside resources
  • New rules for customer engagement-by-Internet
  • Develop & place content for maximum ROI in Social Media, Blogs, Mobile, New Media

Feeling peckish about your marketing control, or lack thereof? You are not alone. Go to Zombies encounter sweetness & light in the garden of marketing roses, Part I.

It happens almost every OLI marketing consulting session: costly mistakes are avoided and opportunities identified. Tap decades of business & industry experience to gain marketing focus, identify and halt ineffective efforts, work out new marketing initiatives.

A single OLI marketing consulting session will open doors to fresh insights for improving customer loyalty while finding new sales & profits from BOTH existing & new customers.

Allow EJW and our OLI team to prove how an OLI Consulting Session could be the single most cost-effective marketing investment you could make. Call 770-664-9322 or complete our contact form.