A consulting offer you can’t refuse

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Complimentary integrated marketing consulting session from Outside Looking In (OLI)

Special Offer for Metro Atlanta Area B to B Marketers: Receive a complimentary (as in FREE) 1/2 Day review of your company’s STRATEGY, TACTICS, & CREATIVE. This could be all it takes for you to open doors to improved customer loyalty, new found sales & profits.

A killer marketing idea awaits discovery somewhere within you, or others in your organization. We can extract a tactical stroke of genius, or a creative idea that could be the right hook you’ve been needing to reach new goals. Insight, experience, and marketing provided by OLI Consulting can and will unlock marketing potential. Outside Looking In marketing team members each represent a key marketing specialty: the Strategic, the Tactical, and the Creative. Need convincing? Let’s make introductions easy: How does a complimentary half day’s worth of marketing consulting followed by an apré session report sound?

The OLI Marketing Consulting Session offer.

Experienced Outside Looking In marketing consultants will spend half a day with key members of your Marketing team in Georgia. The result has never failed to result in new insight, opportunities & direction.

    • Input you may not have considered from “the Inside.”
    • Current best-in-class marketing practices.
    • Marketing leadership in actionable items for immediate ROI.


You will find value in our input. We make this offer to selected companies because, based on our experience, there is a high probability you will want to work with one or more of our expert group members afterwards. Here are the details:

    • You agree to have your company’s key decision makers available for a 3 hour session. Afterwards you’ll buy lunch or dinner where we’ll be able to review session findings in a relaxed, informal setting.
    • For maximum session focus and productivity, you provide an advance “data dump” of your current marketing situation and any specific issues.
    • Afterwards, if any one or all of us can help you in the future, great. If not, a simple thank you for our time will suffice.


If you agree that our Outside looking In Complimentary Half Day Consulting might be your ticket to winning more profits and gaining market share call Alpharetta-based EJW Associates Inc at 770-664-9322, or complete our CONTACT FORM with your marketing challenge.