You need a break. Get outside the planning box for a change.

OLI makes it easy to get outside comfort zones and echo chambers. Let us schedule your session when most convenient for appropriate stakeholders.

Complete the form below for more information on our complimentary* OLI Marketing Consultation – a service Fortune 1000 companies typically pay 1,000’s of dollars to receive. Or call 770-664-9322.

OLI Outside Looking In COnsulting

OLI CONSULTING can include: Product & Company Branding, Positioning, Marketing Strategy & Tactics.

Do it! You won’t regret it. Regardless of whether or not you’ve ever entertained enlisting outside resources to expand your company’s mindset for achieving new goals…

  • More avenues for sales growth
  • More orders into the pipeline, fast
  • Increase existing sales/profits from existing accounts
  • Stack the odds in your favor against competition – without cutting profits to the bone!

The complimentary OLI Marketing Consulting Session offer:

Our OLI team offers a half day consulting session that may explore strategy, tactics & creative insights completely free with no strings attached. For best results we encourage all client company stakeholders be involved, as well.

Up to three OLI members will provide complimentary time and expertise. Clients who take us up on our offer are expected to provide a post-session lunch at a favorite restaurant in the area. Breaking bread together allows an opportunity to unwind from an intense morning of information sharing and review notes.

This is an introductory offer. Need more info on line? Click here.