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I understand Marketing and I understand Consulting, but how does this service tie into EJW advertising agency services?

A fully prepared marketer is our best agency client. OLI Consulting helps both clients and agency personnel narrow marketing priorities for best ROI, while defining the scope of marketing work to be done. Once we’re all on the same page, both EJW and our clients stand to win big from properly focused campaigns and projects.

EJW founder, Emil Walcek, is also one of three founding members of OLI (Outside Looking In) Consulting Group. Our mission is to provide a semi-independent venue for sharing knowledge and insight that is unique to business to business marketers.

I’m at marketing cross roads & feel like I need a thorough, independent expert review. Will OLI marketing consulting sessions confirm marketing tactics and result in fresh marketing ideas? 

Typically, everyone gains – starting with our no obligation, half day OLI introductory session! Clients gain a new focus for future success. Your team gains unique insights for creative strategic and tactical execution. After successful sessions EJW typically gains client loyalty and the privilege of producing more effective campaigns. Conducted by outside experts with a fully engaged client team, a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Report hardly ever fails to open eyes and serve up original opportunities.

What makes the Outside Looking In (OLI) marketing consulting group unique?

OLI provides a team approach to the assessment of a client’s marketing from 3 perspectives: Strategy, Tactics, Creative. Results of OLI consulting sessions almost always inform participants with best case scenarios for finding new sales and profits.

Outside Looking In consulting group grew out of a successful marketing seminar series of the same title. “Outside Looking In: A Marketing Event” has been presented to audiences that include: TAG Technical Marketing Association, AeA, and Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business. We (Emil Walcek, Bob Scaringe, and Bruce Cotterman, principals in the group) have extensive experience in solving business-to-business, business-to-consumer marketing problems in the Atlanta, GA area and International markets.

Is there a best time in a planning cycle to request an OLI consulting offer?

Avoid the READY! FIRE! AIM! syndrome. But, schedule a consulting session ANYTIME to chart your course for better returns on marketing investment – especially before a campaign or project launch. Another point of view early in the marketing planning process  inevitably provides overall program ROI. You owe it to your company and your career to take advantage of our unique introductory consulting offer provided by OLI to remove doubt, confirm suspicions, or implement a new plan.

How do I know if my marketing issues are best resolved with outside help?

Think of OLI as marketing insurance. Stakes are generally high for most business-to-business marketing efforts. Marketing dollars are hard to come by. So, a dollar spent upfront to do the right things at the right time can easily be worth $10 spent exploring blind alleys. OLI Consulting reduces risk. Add to this the consequences of failed advertising campaigns and wasted funds, consider the long term effects of negative market perceptions, loss of competitive advantage, and confused customers.

Often, a simple analysis of customers, prospects, even internal and channel sales personnel will point to effective marketing options, and how to implement them for the best return. Marketing surveys, and a neutral point of view, are best rendered by outside, third party providers like OLI. The question is: can you really afford NOT to engage OLI?

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