What to expect at our preliminary Marketing Consulting Session

Prepare for an intense OLI marketing consulting session. Chances for an Outside Looking In perspective don’t come around every day.

While not essential, preparation beforehand kicks your chances for greater success up a notch. During sessions, EJW B to B Marketing Consultants inevitably find fresh avenues for profitability, growth and market share during a Discovery process. The result is always positive, and typically yields new insights into your business’ most important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats. From a SWOT analysis clients receive original options for directing marketing efforts, sales strategies, customer relations, and creative positioning.

Objectives include:

• Defining your company’s structure, corporate culture, mission, core competencies, business strategy, and relative positioning tactics.
• Review of existing market communications, including lead generation programs, PR, brochures, website, analytics, packaging, advertising, colors, graphics, trademarks, etc.
• Explore where to go from here… how best to prioritize resources.

Interview topics may cover:

  • Corporate structure, culture and philosophy
  • Internal and external perceptions regarding current company identity
  • Desired image traits/characteristics
  • Marketing objectives/strategies (short and long range)
  • Competitive environment, communications materials/practices
  • Customer communications materials/practices
  • Differentiation strategies/positioning opportunities
  • Present and future product/service offerings
  • Key audiences/core messages
  • Advertising, promotion, and public relations strategies
  • Geographic expansion, growth/acquisition strategies
  • Strategy for securing new business
  • Barriers encountered during sales process


Questions for the Client Team are wide-ranging & may be prioritized:

What is your business’ mission?
What are this year’s objectives?
What is your business strategy?
How do you define your company’s culture?
What have been your key success factors?
How would you describe your primary competitive advantage?
What are your core business capabilities?
What are your core business strengths?
What are your business weaknesses?


What is the industry structure and strategic groupings you compete in?
What are the key success factors in the industry?
Are there other external threats to the industry?
Where are the opportunities in the industry?
What are the industry and market forces that impact your business?
What suppliers impact your business?
What technologies threaten your business?
What technologies create opportunities for your business?
What are considered the sustainable competitive advantages for your business?
How does the economy impact your business?
What government or regulatory actions impact you now or are foreseen to impact you in the future?
What legal actions impact you now or are foreseen to impact you in the future?
Are there sociocultural issues impacting your business?

What is your target market?
What do you know about your target market?
How do you define your market and segment it?
What is the size of the market and each segment?
What are the market trends?
What are the market’s needs?
What are the market’s unmet needs?
What is the market growth?

Who are your customers?
How do you segment them?
What do customers want?
How do they make their buying decisions?
Who are the customer participants and demographics in the buying decision?
What is your buyer motivation and expectations?
Who do your customer measure value?
How do you measure customer satisfaction?
What constitutes “better” to your clients?
Who is your ideal customer?

What is the nature and degree of competition?
What are the positions of competitors and their degree of product/service differentiation?
What are the barriers to entry/exit?
What are the switching costs related to customers?
How do they promote their products?
How are they trying to meet their goals (low prices, better quality, lower overhead)?
Are there weaknesses you can exploit?

What is your product mix and their strengths and weaknesses?
What is each of these products/services’ key features?
What are the products or services brand names, brand image, and brand equity?
What is the current pricing structure?
What are the current distribution channels?
What is each ones positioning within the market?
What are the current promotions and advertising?
What is the current packaging?
What have been customer responses to changes you made in your product pricing or promotions?
What is your product’s life cycle?
How do manage product life cycle management and new product development?
What technology or supplier/vendor enhances your product or services?
What technologies or supplier/vendor threaten your product or services?

What is your value proposition?
What is your marketing strategy?
What are your marketing objectives?
What are your market share objectives by products and/or customer segments?
What are the best ways to inform the market about the products/services?
What can the company do to make things even better?
How can the company become the customer’s first choice?
What are the key performance metrics you measure?
What are your pricing objectives, method and strategy?
What is your website marketing strategy?

What are your specific marketing tactics?
How do you distribution?
How do we decide upon a distributor?
What is your pricing structure?
What are your sales force requirements, techniques, and management structure?

What are your promotional goals and media mix?
What promotion and/or literature do you currently use?
How do you generate inquiries?
What is the message?
Who is the audience for each piece?
How do you generate awareness (for new product introductions, etc.)
How do you conduct sales promotion?
What is your current advertising reach, frequency, flights, theme, and media?
What are your publicity and public relations programs?
How are you utilizing new media or e-promotion (eg. Web, or telephone)

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